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Event and workshop for health and patient groups on EDCs and health in Munich

Latest News February 22, 2015 10:08 am


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HEAL is organising with WECF and the Women’s health centre (Frauengesundheitszentrum e.V.) in Munich a one day event on March 5th to discuss chronical diseases, health problems and chemicals. The conference will especially look into the health impacts of endocrine disrupting chemicals, which have been associated with several chronical diseases, such as hormonal cancers (breast, prostate and testicular cancer), infertility, neurological and metabolic problems. It also aims to discuss prevention and current challenges for patient and health groups, looking at national policies and discussing what can be done.

The morning conference will talk about the scientific evidence of endocrine disruptors EDCs (presented by WECF), followed by the presentation of HEAL’s report on “Health costs in the European Union. How much is related to EDCs” and the work by patient and health groups, with presentations from Breast Cancer Action Germany and the women’s health centre in Munich.

This will be followed-up by a workshop in the afternoon focusing on prevention with NGOs, health and patient groups working in the health and environment sector in Germany.

Einladung Muenchen 5 Maerz

The draft programme of the event can be downloaded here

Registration to the event until 27th February by e-mail to