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Scientific Statements


American Public Health Association (APHA). Breast Cancer and Occupation: The Need for Action

Madrid Statement on Poly- and Perfluoroalkyl Substances (PFASs)

Helsingør Statement on poly- and perfluorinated alkyl substances (PFASs)




State of the Science of Endocrine disrupting Chemicals – 2012 (WHO/UNEP  Feb 2013)

The Berlaymont Declaration on Endocrine Disruptors (May 2013)

The Collegium Ramazzini position on EDCs and chemicals safety policy in the EU (June 2013)

Endocrine Society open letter to EU Commissioners on better EDC laws (June 2013)

The Royal Collage of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG), UK, “Chemical Exposures During Pregnancy: Dealing with potential, but unproven, risks to child health”, Scientific Impact Paper 37, (June 2013)


Endocrine Society: A Statement of Principles (June 2012) 

PPTOX III: Environmental Stressors in the Developmental Origins of Disease—Evidence and Mechanisms (May 2012)


State of the Art Assessment of Endocrine Disruptors (European Commission 2011)

Asturias Declaration on Cancer: A Call to Action – Environmental and Occupational Determinants of Cancer, Interventions for Primary Prevention (March 2011)


Statement on Environmental Degradation and Sound Management of Chemicals, World Medical Association (October 2010) 


Endocrine Society; Scientific statement on Endocrine disrupting chemicals (June 2009)

American Medical Association, Resolution 906 on “Regulation of Endocrine Disrupters”, (November 2009)


Resolution on “Safer Chemical Policies”, World Federation of Public Health Associations (2008) 

Consensus Statement on Parkinson’s Disease and the Environment, CHE Working Group (2008)

CHE – The Learning and Developmental Disabilities Initiative; Scientific Consensus Statement on Environmental Agents Associated with Neurodevelopmental Disorders (2008)


Chapel Hill Bisphenol A Expert Panel Consensus Statement: Integration of Mechanisms, Effects in Animals and Potential to Impact Human Health at Current Levels of Exposure (August 2007)

The Faroes Statement: Human Health Effects of Developmental Exposure to Chemicals in Our Environment (June 2007)


CHE Breast Cancer Working Group; Consensus Statement on Breast Cancer and the Environment (April 2006)


Health and environment (REACH), Standing Committee of European Doctors (Comite Permanent Des Medecins Europeens) ( September 2005) 

The Prague Declaration on Endocrine Disruptors (June 2005)

Vallombrosa Consensus Statement on Environmental Contaminants and Human Fertility Compromise (October 2005)


The Paris Appeal: International Declaration on diseases due to chemical pollution, ARTAC (2004) 


Wingspread Statement II on “Chemically-induced Alterations in the Developing Immune System: The Wildlife/Human Connection” (February 1995)


Wingspread Statement on “Chemically-induced alterations in sexual development: the wildlife/human connection (July 1991)