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About Us

Launched by the Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) in 2007, the Chemicals Health Monitor (CHM) aims to improve public health by encouraging more protective regulations of hazardous chemicals in Europe and beyond. This is done through the mobilisation of various constituencies and deploying key environmental health science at critical points of public discourse and policy discussions.

All of us are exposed to many chemicals every day without authorities, manufacturers, scientists, or the public, in other words the entire system that permits and uses them, knowing about what they do to us. This current chemicals experiment means people and their families may be more prone to obesity and diabetes, more likely to suffer from cancer or to face infertility. Most are unwitting subjects in this experiment whilst healthcare systems struggle to cope with rising disease rates. This experiment also establishes a toxic legacy for future generations. HEAL’s goal is the protection of the environment and human health and well-being from toxic chemicals, through precautionary action to end use of toxic chemicals.

Although EU laws set high innovative standards worldwide in chemicals management, significant gaps nonetheless remain, particularly regarding multiple concurrent and cumulative exposures. Improved scientific understanding of hormone or endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) shows the need to address simultaneous, small exposures especially at vulnerable life phases (e.g. prenatally); even though effects are difficult to determine because of long delays before they manifest themselves.

Our Chemicals Health Monitor project gives authoritative, public interest health expertise to promote effective implementation of the EU chemicals law REACH and other EU policies.

The Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) is a leading European not-for-profit organisation addressing how the environment affects health in the European Union (EU). With the support of more than 70 member organisations, HEAL brings independent expertise and evidence from the health community to different decision-making processes. Our broad alliance represents health professionals, not-for-profit health insurers, doctors, nurses, cancer and asthma groups, citizens, women’s groups, youth groups, environmental NGOs, scientists and public health research institutes. Members include international and Europe-wide organisations, as well as national and local groups.

Partnerships and collaborations

HEAL is a member of the following expert groups and networks:

  •  WHO European Environment and Health Task Force (EEHTF)
  • EU Chemicals Agency (ECHA) Member State Committee
  • ECHA Management Board
  • ECHA Management Advisory Group on Dissemination
  • ECHA Expert Group on EDCs
  • EU EDCs Expert Advisory Group
  • EU Ad Hoc Group on EDCs
  • International POPs Elimination Network (IPEN)

HEAL addresses environmental health concerns through its partnership with the US-based Collaborative on Health and the Environment (CHE), which strengthens the science dialogue on environmental factors impacting human health.

HEAL is also the campaign secretariat of the EDC-Free campaign, a coalition of public interest groups established in 2013 representing more than 50 organisations in Europe who have come together through a concern about endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) and efforts to raise public awareness and urge quicker governmental action. More information here