Obesity Day To Highlight Obesity Epidemic In Europe

European countries have effective strategy to stop the problem

It is predicted that more than half of all European citizens will be overweight by the year 2030, making obesity one of the biggest public health challenges that we face today. European Obesity Day, which was held Saturday, May 20, 2017, was organized by European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO) in an effort raise awareness of the obesity problem in Europe and all the diseases connected to it. The goal is to bring different communities together and work toward reducing the obesity rate in Europe.

European Union Member States were warned by EASO that immediate action needed to happen to stem the growing obesity problem. Unfortunately, very few European countries have effective strategy to stop the problem, which could cost them dearly in the near future.
EASO President, Professor Hermann Toplak, said

“Despite the growing epidemic, many plans consist only of collections of vague goals rather than concrete measures. To be effective, Member States need to have comprehensive strategies that cover all aspects of weight management. These should include the promotion of healthier lifestyles and the reduction in demand and consumption of excessive amounts of high-calorie food and drinks, as well as the treatment of obesity to help prevent the many other diseases which it impacts on.”

European Obesity Day was on ‘Tackling Obesity Together’.

The World Health Organization reports that obesity rates have tripled in many European countries since the 1980’s. Before the European Obesity Day, on May 10, over 100 representatives from the World Health Organization, European Institutions, health specialists, and national policymakers attended a conference to share ideas and practices on how to tackle this problem. Even the focus for European Obesity Day was on ‘Tackling Obesity Together’.

Obesity is a growing problem that the whole world faces and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. So, how do you know if you’re obese? If you weigh 20% or more of what is considered to be a normal weight for your sex and height, then you’re considered obese. There are a wide variety of health problems that can develop due to obesity, including high blood pressure, gout, diabetes, heart disease and stroke, breathing problems, and certain cancers.

Staying active and exercising regularly can help give you more energy

The best way to beat obesity is to live a healthy lifestyle. It’s important that you eat the proper foods and even more importantly, the proper portions. Staying active and exercising regularly can help give you more energy and burn off unwanted fat to keep you at a healthy weight level.

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